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  1. sözleri şöyle olan şarkı.

    verse 1

    the purpose of these verses is to unify the masses
    7oms up to 7assakeh … banyas to damascus
    city streets to countrysides
    mountaintops to coastal tides
    muslim / christian / women / men & children
    lets keep hope alive
    stand in solidarity with all your fellow citizens
    peacefully protesting for an end to all the militance
    torture & imprisonment
    murdering of innocence
    proving that this lying/lion leader's rule is illegitimate
    like father - like son
    mobster or president?
    censoring their people
    trying to stop the embezzlement
    heavy-handed iron fists
    dropped on the residents
    déjà vu...
    '82 - '11...

    we are all deir ezzor … we are all dar3aa
    we are all jisr il-shughoor … 7alab & the 2al3a's (castles)
    we are all 7amza ... we are all 7ama ...
    we are all syrian … hands to the samaa2 (sky) saying:

    "alsha3b yureed isqaa6 al-nitham"

    verse 2

    i have a dream this regime will fall
    and that what comes next
    will be better for us all
    alawite - druze - armenian - kurdish
    equality in parliament
    "il-kull ilo kursee" (everyone gets a seat / is represented)
    envisioning a future that's brighter for the youth
    who've been fighting for the right
    to shed light upon the truth
    biting bullets from the troops
    thus far a truce has proven elusive
    but martyrs are tightening the noose
    on corruption - bribery - nepotism
    tribal disputes
    don't shoot with your mechanism
    soon come the reckoning that looms
    second guessing the protesters
    was a recipe for assad to address his own doom...

    its been a long time coming
    and there's no turning back now
    voices are the weapons
    in these military crackdowns
    millions on the streets
    in defiance of your gat sounds
    look who's got you shook
    doctor don't know how to act now...

    "alsha3b yureed isqaa6 al-nithaam"