• youreads puanı (10.00)
  1. black sabbath'ın son albümü "13" ün güzellerinden.

    do you hear the thunder, raging in the sky?
    premonition of a shattered world that's gonna die
    in the age of reason, how do we survive?
    the protocols of evil ravage through so many lives
    so many lives

    mystifying silence, talking peace on earth
    we should just join for ourselves, not what we're worth
    sustainable extinction, a fractured human race
    a changing revolution disappears without a trace
    without a trace (x2)
    alright yeah!

    always felt that there'd be trouble
    mass distraction hides the truth
    prozac days and sleepless hours
    seas of change that don't bear through

    oh yeah!
    these times are heavy
    and you're all alone
    the battle's over, but the war goes on
    politics, religion, love of money too
    it's what the world was built for
    but not for me and you, oh yeah!