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  1. opeth'in 2001 çıkışlı blackwater park albümünden muhteşem bir şarkı. mikael'in brutal vokali ve steven wilson'ın sesiyle efsane bir çalışma.... ikisinin düet yaptığı kısımlara ilk dinlediğimde bayılmıştım.*


    heart still beating for the cause
    soul still feeding from the loss
    limbs are aching from the rush
    you are fading from my sight
    break of morning, coldness lingers on
    shroud me into nightmares of the sun
    i am moving closer to your side
    you are luring me into the night
    who is crying for you here
    i am dying fast inside your tears
    plunging towards bereavement faster yet
    clearing thoughts, my mind is set
    devious movements in your eyes
    moved me from relief
    breath comes out white clouds with your lies
    and filters through me
    you're close to the final word
    you're staring right past me in dismay
    a liquid seeps from your chest
    and drains me away
    mist ripples round your thin white neck
    and draws me a line
    cold fingers mark this dying wreck
    this moment is mine
    help me cure you
    atone for all you've done
    help me leave you
    as all the days are gone
    night fall again
    taking what's left of me
    slight twist, shivering corpse
    ornated with water, fills the cracks
    clasped in my limbs by tradition
    this is all you need