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  1. cameo'nun word up! (1986) albümünden zamanının hit funk parçalarından. san andreas'da bounce fm'de duymak mümkündür.

    !---- spoiler ----!

    yeah, yeah, mmm

    it's like candy
    i can feel it when you walk
    even when you talk it takes over me

    you're so dandy
    i wanna know
    can you feel it too, just like i do?


    this stuff is starting now
    it's the same feeling
    i always seem to get around you

    there's no mistaking, i'm clearly taken
    by the simple mere thought of you


    this stuff is starting now
    this stuff is starting now
    this stuff is starting now

    my eyes roll in my head
    i toss and turn in my bed
    in the morning when i think about you

    yes, i do

    simply put you're the reason why
    even though i'm real shy (real shy)
    i attempt to look my best for you
    indeed i do, just for you

    'cause you affect me, fascinate me
    i thank heaven for the things that you do

    it's like candy
    you sure are sweet (sweet) (sweet)
    you're so dandy (dandy)
    you're taking my appetite but it's alright

    it's like candy
    oooh, vanilla
    oh, chocolate!

    you look real nice, wrapped up tight
    you're so dandy
    you're giving me a heart attack
    it's the kind i like

    it's like candy
    you're so dandy

    why you do

    you're like a brand new feeling
    in a special way
    a surprise package
    on a bright clear sunny day (you're so dandy)

    and wrapped up tight (so good)
    (so good, yeaheaheah)

    strawberry (strawberry), raspberry (raspberry)
    all those good things
    violets and gumdrops
    that's what you're saying to me, me (me)


    sweet candy
    it's like candy
    sure seems like good candy to me

    oh, baby

    you're so dandy (watch this)

    !---- spoiler ----!