• youreads puanı (8.00)
  1. you - the hero
    so many times
    you've loved
    and didn't linger
    now my finger
    points at you
    another loser
    you - an island
    on your own
    in every detail
    a precious jewel
    or just a fool
    it's in your mind
    and blood
    i watch it simmer
    i see you're courting
    more despair
    no hope?
    not a glimmer
    now you're nothing
    but second hand
    in glove
    with second rate now
    now you're flirting
    with heroin
    or is it cocaine?
    casanova -
    is that your name
    or do you live there?
    i know my place
    is here with you
    but not together