• youreads puanı (9.00)
  1. when i was here before
    you couldn't look me in the eye
    you're just like an angel
    your skin makes you cry

    i float like a feather
    this beautiful world
    you wish you were special
    so do i, oh

    but you're a ...
    you're a liar
    what are you doing here?
    you don't belong here

    you don't care if it hurts
    you just wanna have control
    you want a perfect body (yeah)
    you want a perfect soul

    you want me to notice (yes you do)
    when you're not around
    i wish you were special (yes i do)
    'cause i think you're special

    maybe i'm just a ...
    what are we doing here?
    we don't belong here