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  1. my dirthouse
    watch it happen from the box
    mind wanders
    dirty dirty word
    my dirthouse
    this is where it all comes down
    look into my eye
    you feel my skin, its dirt

    drive me wild
    remember when you blew my mind?
    cut through me
    living in the dirt
    these dogs are curled up in a little ball
    these dogs are freezing their asses off

    go, go , go
    pick up the pieces
    i wanna call this my home
    go, go, go
    pick up the pieces
    i've got some pain of my own

    open the box
    see whats inside
    you make the call
    sick of it all again

    tear me down
    pushing on my every nerve
    scares me
    i hope i don't get burnt
    look closer
    look into my dirty mind
    feeling sick inside
    my blood has turned to fucking dirt