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  1. mortal love. norveçli gothic metal grubu. şarkılarında soprano ve tenor vokalleri kombine ediyorlar. ritimleri, vuruşları yürek parçalayan cinsten slow ilerliyor. melodiler ağır synth içeriyor. piano, çello, keman gibi müzik aletleriyle de iyice süslüyorlar. sözlerinde aşk, aşk acısı, kavuşulamayan sevgili, intihar, ölüm gibi temalar hakim. bu şarkıda gerçekten intihara sebep olacak cinsten.

    şarkının özellikle 05:40 dakikadan sonrası... müthiş ötesi!

    !---- spoiler ----!

    i'm too tired of this life
    all i need is my big sleep
    you are so far away
    you love someone else

    another day passed me by
    another day filled with pain
    you are not here
    you're with someone else

    i love you to death
    you love someone else
    so i just wanna die

    create hate
    i hate myself for loving you

    "we have touched for the last time
    you are long gone, in love with someone else
    i now fear nothing but life itself
    and i have learned that living is just a slow way to die
    i do not believe in life or in love anymore.
    the joy i feel are the joys of emptiness
    i hate myself for loving you
    the fear i feel night after night has developed into a disease
    no-one can see the emptiness in my eyes.
    to escape life itself now seems the only solution
    with relief i look foward of letting go of the pain
    finally... there is peace in my soul
    to lie dead without a concern , without a tear,
    you own my heart
    and life without you is so imensly painful
    just to think of you, talk about you, dream of you makes tears stream down
    my face
    i cannot imagine happiness without your beautiful smile, your angelic face,
    your wonderful body and your good heart:
    you are everything , i am nothing
    i want to die
    but really... i am already dead"

    i will not live

    !---- spoiler ----!