• youreads puanı (8.00)
  1. motörhead'in demir yumruğu, değeri bilinmeyen bir gaz şarkısı.

    dark night nothing to see
    invisible hand in front of me
    scared to death there's someone near
    scared to move but you can't stay here
    you know me, evil eye
    you know me, prepare to die
    you know me, the snakebite kiss
    devil's grip, the iron fist

    flying horse don't make a sound
    flying hooves don't touch the ground
    walk in circle lose you track
    can't go on but you can't go back
    you know me etc.

    moon eclipse and you know why
    ghost rider in the sky
    beast of evil devil's hound
    tooth and claw they pull you down
    you know me etc.