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  1. you’re taking two klonopin
    so you can quit flipping
    and face our friends
    you dated the sainted dead
    he ain’t nothing but a prayer card
    tacked up with my record jackets
    we’re riding through jackson pines
    towards six flags to wait in lines
    have our spines shook
    and i’m shook

    got the space sickness
    while we wait on the weightlessness
    a delirious kiss
    and the feeling of falling in
    getting good at looking so in love
    my eyes are unfocused

    we're right back in manalapan
    those rainbows of oil spin
    on your former street
    are we more than meat?
    not a goddamn thing we could have said
    to convince you

    now i dream in color of your face
    and the coast in your mirror shades
    only feel relief when i’m back at home
    falling forward alone


    so there’s nothing to do when
    it's a foregone conclusion
    a pool overflowing and bursting
    come the fuck on
    [guitar solo]

    i don’t wanna die
    at the hands of the jackson whites
    let the warm air rush in
    at the wreck up ahead