• youreads puanı (10.00)
  1. amerikalı heavy metal grubu shattersphere'in en güzel şarkısı.üniversite boyunca alarm melodimdi, sağolsun bana her sabah headbang yaparak uyanma keyfini yaşatmıştır.

    no god can save you now

    my god, i have no faith
    i'm stuck in this f_cked up place
    (my son, i'm right here next to you)
    i try to live and learn
    but i still feel the burn
    (my son, i'm here for you...)

    i've spread my love and all my faith
    i've done it all in seven days
    i never thought it would be this way
    and i'm still bleeding

    so i fall down to pray
    but i think i've lost my page
    (my son, it's lost in the flames)

    lost in the hands of time

    hands of time take me away to where i want to be
    lead the way because i can't see the life in me
    i was lost in the flames as i screamed

    my god, i've failed again
    i wait for your crushing hand
    (my son, i'm afraid it's too late)

    is this for real?

    save me now