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  1. moonspell'in irreligious albümünden (1996) tam bir gotik metal klasiği. evet vokaller biraz böğürtü gelebilir ama gitarlar ve klavye gotik konseptini iyi tamamlıyor, bateri ise metal kısmını.

    !---- spoiler ----!

    as madmen, some hung head down
    from a long dead tree
    some discuss, all at once
    for no one to hear

    variations on emptiness
    great themes on vain glory

    and as some go feral in strange performances
    dressing customs that are metaphors
    of your disease
    hungry eyes are looking for me, mephisto

    laughing, i feed you
    with meaningless games, tricks and philosophies
    whose answers you would die for
    in your hunger to believe

    how it does amuse me
    and makes me wonder
    for how long that it was mine
    because now it does really inflame me

    as if ignorance was my secret desire, mephisto

    i am an angel who dresses in red
    riding above you, etching fire rings
    i have learned to fly
    don't you remember ?
    while you still have not come down
    from your long-dead tree

    i can teach you wonders if you give me your soul
    marvels and wild dreams can be yours
    i can teach you how iron turns to gold
    and how life can grow so old

    but i am a demon who dresses in red
    and i do not hope you will understand, mephisto

    !---- spoiler ----!