• youreads puanı (9.50)
  1. the cranberries'in en iyilerinden biri olan no need to argue (1994) albümünde yer alan naif ve güzel şarkı. sözleri:

    understand the things i say
    don't turn away from me
    cause i spent half my life out there
    you wouldn't disagree
    d'you see me, d'you see
    do you like me, do you like me standing there
    d'you notice, d'you know
    do you see me, do you see me
    does anyone care

    unhappiness, where's when i was young
    and we didn't give a damn
    'cause we were raised
    to see life as a fun and take it if we can
    my mother, my mother she hold me
    did she hold me, when i was out there
    my father, my father, he liked me
    oh he liked me, does anyone care
    understand what i've become
    it wasn't my design
    and people everywhere think
    something better than i am
    but i miss you, i miss
    'cause i liked it, i liked it
    when i was out there
    d'you know this, d'you know
    you did not find me, you did not find
    does anyone care.
  2. grubun zombie ile sevdiğim parçalarından biri. yalnız parçanın adı ode to my family olacak. başlık düzeltilirse daha güzel olur.