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  1. gorgoroth'un ad majorem sathanas gloriam (2006) albümünden yeni black metal akımının örneği.

    !---- spoiler ----!

    too much of this force
    the lack of structure
    my eyes burn
    a forest in flames

    tide withdraws
    hard times ahead
    all rules are broken
    and secrets told out loud

    a portal is open
    a portal to happiness
    facing change
    and growth
    through this poisoned wine
    through knowledge
    through the unwise

    the withering of life's pleasures
    i become the higher self
    deeper and deeper
    a human mind
    into the heart of a god

    whose arms will i fill with gold
    as i whisper of love into their ears

    lifes ending

    a distant star
    keeps faith well
    and never fails
    closing the circle
    and to the kind
    of the different new beginnings

    !---- spoiler ----!