• youreads puanı (10.00)
  1. vokallerde alice in chains'ten layne staley ve jerry cantrell, soundgarden'dan chris cornell, mudhoney'den mark arm olan efsanevi şarkı. alice in chains'in 1992 sayılı sap albümünde arz-ı endam eylemektedir.

    inside always trying to get back inside
    but it's so hard to penetrate big thick skin
    i'm 'bout as low as i can get
    i'd leave but i can't forget
    still i wonder why it ain't right, it ain't right
    'bout as low as she can get
    she'll leave but she won't forget
    and she wonders why, she ain't right, she ain't right
    she ain't right, ain't right, she ain't right

    now we're as low as we can get
    can't leave and can't forget
    we ain't right, we ain't right
    not right, we ain't right

    it's hard to believe that somebody tricked you
    when you can see as far as i have
    it's hard to believe that someone you cared for
    put your face into the fire