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    a nation in despair, weakened by war, defeated
    lost their pride in versailles
    a former prisoner, with a vision or a grand delusion
    rise to power in the reich

    rebuilding an army
    make the nation proud
    disregarding the treaty
    secret plans for lebensraum
    start the holocaust

    the reich will rise
    propaganda, the reich will rise
    to last a thousand years

    burning books to spread, anti-semite propaganda
    who will stop the madman's reign?
    night of broken glass, send the jews to dachau death camp
    on a path to certain death

    the anschluss completed
    oon the brink of war
    act brutal with no pity
    be harsh, show no remorse
    start the warmachine

    ın the last days of peace
    europe holding it's breath
    an invasion is coming but when will it start?
    who will be first to fall? who will be last to stand?
    who will stop all this madness that has consequences no man understand?
    no man, no land