• youreads puanı (5.50)
  1. break my legs cause you like me in pain
    rat me out and leave me in the rain
    i don't doubt that you're doing it in vain
    one mistake, i'm fucking insane

    you're a sellout, bet you think you're kinda cool
    try to make me bow down cause i'm breaking all the rules
    i'm the black sheep, you can't have my wool
    no, sir, no, and a merry fuck you

    she's a little flashlight shining bright, shining bright
    american dream
    she's been keeping me right at midnight, at midnight
    making me scream
    she's so far out of sight, perfect thighs staying high
    a fucking machine
    the highlight of my life get it right
    hail tonight, the scorpion queen

    gun to your head, give me your money
    i want you dead but i like hunting
    brain bloodshed i'm your lsd
    heard what i said, my shit ain't free

    sell all of my bricks then call me in an hour
    buy me fancy shit like chocolate and flowers
    we can take a hit then you'll fuck me in the shower
    get on your knees bitch, you can call it pussy power

    should have known better than to ice me out
    taking all your drugs how you like me now?
    dirty money reverend, bitch bow down
    i'm the slut plug how you like me now?