• youreads puanı (9.80)
  1. 1998 çıkışlı albüme de adını veren fazla depresif şarkı. placebo'nun en sevdiğim şarkısı.

    strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide
    i'll take it by your side
    such imagination seems to help the feeling slide
    i'll take it by your side
    instant correlation sucks and breeds a pack of lies
    i'll take it by your side
    over saturation curls the skin and tans the hide
    i'll take it by your side

    tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
    tick tick, tick, tick, tick tock

    i'm unclean, a libertine
    and every time you vent your spleen
    i seem to lose the power of speech
    your slippin' slowly from my reach
    you grow me like an evergreen
    you never see the lonely me at all

    i take the plan, spin it sideways i fall.