birds of prey - deep purple - youreads

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  1. alarm bells ringing clear
    break the calm before the fall
    bad news travels at the speed of flight
    good news not at all
    and here we are again
    playing endless games of war
    birds of prey

    without a word of warning
    we dive in to attack
    vengeful and self-righteous
    we turn the blue sky black
    and a wretched few escape
    they'll be forever looking back
    at our sacrifice

    and the golden sun is rising
    at the dawn of a beautiful day

    in the name of all that's holy
    in the name of history
    in the face of life and nature
    we are driven by belief
    our faith a crumbling fortress
    once perfect and sublime
    will fail again and rise again
    until the death
    until the death of time