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  1. içinde olduğumuz sistem daha güzel anlatılamazdı.
    hadi bakalım ben buraya bunları yazarken birileri yine son çıkanın peşinde kuyruklara koşsun.

    i am a person incorporated,
    yes i rule the world.
    i built it all so keep your hands off,
    it’s my oyster and my pearls.

    i am the heartbeat of america,
    can’t leave home without me.
    double your pleasure double your fun,
    i’m everywhere you want to be.

    i fight your wars and i start them too,
    got religion as a hobby,
    when you die they’ll be pie in the sky,
    sell you a plastic toy to pray.

    what i tell you is fair and balanced,
    it fits inside my frame.
    can’t you see that it’s better for me
    to do the thinking, so go play.

    so you’re feeling
    alone now
    like you got no one who can relate.
    just turn on your tv,
    or go shopping, that’s liberty!

    yes buy buy now,
    buy buy now,
    bye now.

    so bye bye now,
    bye bye now
    buy now!

    you believe we should slow down
    think about the world that we make?
    pat your head, here’s a medal,
    ain’t nobody here gonna wait.

    so bye bye now,
    bye bye now,
    buy now!

    i own your seed and i sue your farmers,
    i’m finger lickin’ good.
    democracy is my employee,
    i’ve got a quarterly report to fake.

    i’m a citizen of the world,
    mailbox in a tax haven.
    i’m buying off those who write the laws,
    yes you gotta pay to play.