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  1. sıcacık bir kış şarkısı. hele bir de kar yağıyorsa.. richard hawley'in ocean'dan sonraki en dokunaklı şarkısıdır bence..

    hold back the night from us,
    cherish the light for us,
    don't let the shadows hold back the dawn.

    cold city lights glowing,
    the traffic of life is flowing,
    out over the rivers and on into dark.

    i'm going down town where there's music,
    i'm going where voices fill the air,
    maybe there's someone waiting for me
    with a smile and a flower in her hair

    i'm going down town where there's people
    the loneliness hangs in the air.
    with no-one there real waiting for me,
    no smile, no flower nowhere.

    cold city

    hold back

    hold back the night