floating vibes - surfer blood - youreads

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  1. forget the second coming
    i need you in the here and now
    instead of dreamin' up a way to
    spread your name across the world somehow

    when you told me you were leavin'
    i wasn't thirsty for revenge
    no i wasn't disappointed much at all
    cause you'll be back again

    if you're movin' out to the west
    then you'd better learn how to surf
    the tide will break in on itself
    there are no ghosts to exhume or unearth

    if you're gonna do it then do it
    otherwise you just might lose your nerve
    i swear that ocean it swallowed me fully
    and it might have to follow you home

    when you wake up in the morning
    and you hear that awful applause
    put it in your fucking napkin
    and watch it dissolve

    you could seal it in an envelope
    tuck it away in your sleeve
    but you can't take it to the bank
    and you can't take it back