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  1. ilginç bir olayı olan dream theater şarkısıdır. restitution bölümünde, on bir farklı müzisyen, hayatlarındaki pişmanlıkları seslendiriyorlar şarkının içinde.

    corey taylor - "until that moment, i'd never felt like i'd failed at anything... and i felt like i failed her... and i failed myself, and i failed my children... it's still really hard to deal with."

    steve vai - "i want to thank you for helping me to see my own selfishness and to tell you how regretful i am it has hurt you."

    chris jericho - "i'm sorry i didn't visit you in the hospital, grandpa when you were on your deathbed. i'm sorry i didn't come to your funeral... i don't know if i was selfish or just too scared to face it. it's one of the biggest regrets of my life."

    david ellefson - "i'm here to confess with you that what i did, was wrong... and i'm asking for your forgiveness"

    steve hogarth - "the only unforgivable thing hauls itself out of bed, looks over my shoulder at the bloody english weather..."

    joe satriani - "i really regret not being able to see my friend andy..."

    mikael åkerfeldt - "one of my best friends who's the godfather of my daughter, he asked me to sing or play something at his wedding, and i turned it down because i was busy and too much of a chickenshit to do it... and i feel sorry for that, because it was a very very close friend of mine"

    steven wilson - "so, i wanted to apologize to anyone that i've upset or offended... they're just words, it's just an opinion, but unfortunately, i tend to express it as a fact, and that's kind of arrogant."

    jon anderson - "i think it's the betrayal... it still haunts me."

    neal morse - "i'm sorry for what i did back then... i was a different person. i really was and i'm so sorry. i wish it wouldn't have happened, but it did, and i'm sorry. forgive me. i'm sorry..."

    daniel gildenlöw - "i guess i'm simply sorry for being me just so awful to the people..."

    ve de öyle bir final yapar ki, deler geçer:

    "you're only as sick as your secrets
    but the truth shall set you free
    the truth is the truth
    so all you can do is live with it"