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  1. flowers in the dirt (1989) albümünün en güzel şarkısıdır kanımca.

    !---- spoiler ----!

    going fast, coming soon
    we made love in the afternoon.
    found a flat, after that
    we got married.
    working hard for the dream,
    scoring goals for the other team,
    times were bad, we were glad
    we got married.
    like the way you open up your hearts to each other,
    when you find a meeting of the minds.
    just as well love was all we ever wanted,
    it was all we ever had.
    further on in the game,
    waiting up till the children came.
    place your bets, no regrets,
    we got married.
    we got married.
    we got married.
    nowadays every night flashes by
    at the speed of light,
    living life, loving wife,
    we got married.
    i love the things that happen
    when we start to discover
    who we are
    and what we're living for,
    just because love was
    all we ever wanted
    it was all we ever had.
    it's not just a loving machine,
    it doesn't work out
    if you don't work at it.

    !---- spoiler ----!
  2. elektrik gitarını david gilmour çalmış; öğrendiğimde fazlasıyla şaşırmış ve tuhaf bir şekilde mutlu olmuştum. flowers in the dirt albümünün remastered versiyonu çıktı 2017'de. onun kartonetinde gördüm ilk olarak. sonrasında "bu david gilmour, o david gilmour olabilir mi?" şüphesiyle kontrol ettim; hakikaten oymuş.

    paul mccartney, gitarı david gilmour'un çalması ve de şarkı üzerine şöyle diyor:

    "it’s a pretty little song, heartfelt. it’s not totally autobiographical but it captures being first married, first in love like linda and i were. we didn’t get a flat together, little details like that are me as a songwriter just throwing in stuff that feels good. but basically it’s our life story, me and linda. i have great memories of it, because it reminds me of her. it’s a song about getting married and the thrill of it—the first bloom of that for me is encapsulated in the song. the great thing was dave gilmour [of pink floyd] agreed to play guitar on it. that was really nice, i thought he did a great job on guitar. very soulful.”