• youreads puanı (9.33)
  1. devamlı fon müziği olarak çalmalık pek güzel şarkı.

    baby i think i’m in love with you
    and that’s a tough job but that ain’t new
    now you see me just like i am
    broken and needing to be mended
    i know life comes with compromise
    but i came to realise
    day by day, you keep doing it all over again

    you say you gotta do your thing, you gotta do your thing
    d’you think i should get used to it? no
    baby you got me losing grip, you got me, you got me losing grip
    this time i’ll quit cause i’m through with it

    you, didn’t you say "it’ll be my last mistake
    you will not always forgive my sins"
    but it seems like next day you just sweep it all away
    i’m on my way to walk away from you

    i’m still tryna make you understand your wrongs
    how i would have needed you to be strong
    right beside me, supporting me, as i was facing the worst
    but you failed you weren’t there
    i was numb and in despair
    can i count on you? no
    i don’t think i’ll ever be able to again

    by the time you’ll wake up i’ll probably be gone
    but still chasing you in my dreams
    it’s up to you to mend our broken love
    stay with me, keep me here, cause i love you
    so don’t let me go

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