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  1. in order to test the effects of an incapacitating drug under field conditions a simple exercise was devised
    the troops were given the same quantity of water to drink before each day's exercise
    unknown to the troops, the drug was added to the water on the second day

    the first effects of the drug make their appearance
    the men no longer take cover
    they relax and begin to giggle
    losing all contact with reality

    the troops have lost their air of urgency and many men are laughing
    meanwhile, radio communication at the beaches has become difficult
    if not impossible
    men with no specific task in the corps have relaxed with laughter and inconsquential behaviour
    though they are still capable of sustained physical effort

    seventy minutes after the administration of the drug
    with one man climbing a tree
    the troop commander gives up
    saying i cannot do anything about this
    i cannot control the men and i can take no action myself
    i am wiped out
    i'm taking pause

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