• youreads puanı (9.00)
  1. living in limbo, load up the wagon
    next stop is somewhere where something will happen
    oh packing, unpacking, sleep in a bubble
    if things are changcing the difference is subtle

    packing unpacking all types of water
    start on the path to the end of the tether
    oh packing unpacking memories linger
    retracing your steps it's all so familiar

    living in limbo,
    living in limbo
    la la la la,
    watching through the window

    packing, unpacking what's in your suitcase
    go ahead and reach in and pull out a new face
    oh packing unpacking talking on skyphones
    meaningful contact is strained over time zones

    living in limbo...

    oh packing, unpacking on slow elevators
    asking for taxis and waiting for waiters

    living in limbo...

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