• youreads puanı (10.00)
  1. (bkz: woodpigeon)

    when you sailed off on your way,
    i swam to follow you
    i don't rely on sattelites,
    i've got to see this through

    you stole and burnt most everything,
    the life that i once knew
    but through the flames, your eyes explained,
    you didn't mean it true

    i braved the waves for days
    and finally caught on of you
    grabbed to the bow, and sternly vowed
    i climbed on board for you

    sleeping tight, cramped to your side,
    revenge had come for you
    your waking eyes, of paradise,
    love at first sight true

    i can't explain my vanished pain,
    you freed me then i knew
    i spent the night, by your side,
    since then it's me and you

    but age it came and took,
    the redbeard that i knew
    but that's okay, and here today,
    the grey it suits you too

    the grey it suits you too