• youreads puanı (7.00)
  1. gönül ağrısı yaptığı için dinlemeye korktuğum, tokat gibi, ıslak meşe odunu gibi, buz gibi havada surata çarpan mikasa marka top gibi bir eser.

    was it a huntsman or a player
    that made you pay the cost
    that now assumes relaxed positions
    and prostitutes your loss?
    were you tortured by your own thirst
    ın those pleasures that you seek
    that made you tom the curious
    that makes you james the weak?

    and you claim you got something going
    something you call unique
    but i've seen your self-pity showing
    as the tears rolled down your cheeks

    soon you know i'll leave you
    and i'll never look behind
    'cos i was born for the purpose
    that crucifies your mind
    so con, convince your mirror
    as you've always done before
    giving substance to shadows
    giving substance ever more

    and you assume you got something to offer
    secrets shiny and new
    but how much of you is repetition
    that you didn't whisper to him too