• youreads puanı (8.50)
  1. hızlı yaşa genç öl lafını hayat düsturu bellemiş bünyeleri, gerek vokali gerekse müziğiyle ateş ederek engellemeye çalışan quiet riot bestesi. randy rhoads abimizin ruhu şad olsun.

    too much coffee's gonna shatter my nerves,
    too much whiskey's gonna stutter my words
    a whole lot of speed gonna take me to fast,
    how much longer can i last

    too many women gonna put me to waste,
    too much money gonna spoil my taste
    doctor says to slow down if you wanna stay alive,
    how am i gonna survive - i wanna know
    i wanna know, i wanna know, i wanna know, oh yea

    been working to hard don't got no time to rest,
    don't look to well i ain't feeling my best
    can't push much harder before i fall on the ground,
    i'm gonna have a nervous breakdown

    i've gotta slow down,
    get my feet on the ground, yeah
    i better slow down fast,
    today could be my last, all right