• youreads puanı (9.00)
  1. orgazm etkisine sâhip bir muse şaheseri efem.

    ah ayrıca 2015'te yayınlanan 7.albümlerinin 6. şarkısıdır.

    sözlerini de bırakalım;

    "you (you, you)
    were my oppressor
    and i (i, i)
    i have been programmed to obey

    and now (now, now)
    you are my handler
    and i (i, i)
    i will execute your demands

    leave me alone
    i must disassociate from you

    behold (hold, hold)
    my trance formation
    and you (you, you)
    are empowered to do as you please

    my mind (mind, mind)
    was lost in translation
    and my heart (heart, heart)
    has become a cold and impassive machine

    leave me alone
    i must disassociate from you

    i won't let you control my feelings anymore
    and i will no longer do as i am told
    and i am no longer afraid to walk alone
    let me go
    let me be
    i'm escaping from your grip
    you will never own me again"