• youreads puanı (9.67)
  1. black wind howlin’ (2013) albümünde yer alan blues esintili güzel şarkı.

    you can feel the void you’re coming straight for me
    there’s a hole in my soul where his heartache used to be
    well i ain’t your darling i’m not your sweet little girl
    i’m not your friend oh honey, not anymore
    i can’t stand myself for the things that i’ve done
    come on baby lets have some fun
    let’s have some fun

    oh you had yourself a flask full of ideas
    oh you know i’m pretty impressionable, come on baby, bend my ear
    you’re a bottomless pit that i just can’t, i can’t fill up
    said honey spend a little time you might have batting up
    well i’ve got no now, so don’t tell no one
    so come on baby let’s have some fun
    let’s have some fun.