• youreads puanı (9.25)
  1. johnny gioeli'nin yardırdığı axel rudi pell'in sololarıyla kalbe dokunduğu değeri bilinmeyen bir axel rudi pell balladı.sözleri şöyledir.

    i see you turning 
    turning away 
    and we're ready to leave 
    to the bridges of sin yeah 

    seven wonders 
    we are ready to fly 
    like an eagle 
    we're touching the sky 

    we sailed across the ocean 
    on the wind of the sea 
    we're sailing on the oceans of time 
    we're moving through the twilight 
    passed the black moon on our way 
    we're sailing on the oceans of time 

    as the sun fades to dark light we knew 
    there was no way to return 

    all the stars were passing by 
    we're riding through the sky 
    on our endless journey through space 

    the dust turned to stone 
    and the black moon touched the dawn 
    as we tried to get out 
    of this world of burning fear