• youreads puanı (8.00)
  1. sabahları uyandırması için kullanmaya birebir dua şeklinde şarkı.

    well early in the morning, about the break of day,
    i ask the lord, help me find the way
    help me find the way to the promised land
    this lonely body needs a helping hand
    i ask the lord to help me please find the way.

    when the new day's a dawning, i bow my head in prayer.
    i pray to the lord, won't you lead me there
    won't you guide me safely to the golden stair
    won't you let this body your burden share
    i pray to the lord, won't you lead me please, lead me there

    when the judgment comes to find the world in shame
    when the trumpet blows won't you call my name
    when the thunder rolls and the heavens rain
    when the sun turns black, never shine again
    when the trumpet blows, won't you call me please, call my name