• youreads puanı (9.00)
  1. harika sözlere sahip bir hip hop şarkısı. seviyorum bu adamları "özledim, çok sevdim, sensiz olmaz vs." gibi boş laflardan şarkı yazmıyor, hayat dersi veriyorlar. sözlerin bir kısmı;

    remember sitting on the bench wearing the same clothes
    they used to call me ugly, had a blackberry with no hoes
    now she calling on my iphone, rose gold
    bitch i'm in la for two days, then i'm going home
    i don't want to see your panties now, i just wanted dome
    driving down santa monica with a asian ting
    wonder what this fame will bring
    gucci belts and diamond rings
    i hope this shit don't change me
    my best friends started hating me
    girlfriend moving shady, she can't trust me now
    i'm standing on the ground but xanny's got me in the clouds
    things are looking up, i still remember looking down
    the labels call me up but i'ma always shut 'em down