1. israilli kuş gözlemcilerin kurduğu facebook sayfası olan, birdlife israil sayfasından kötü haber.27 aralık tarihli habere göre; kuş gribi sebebiyle telef olan bir çok hayvan var.
    maalesef durum üzücü. gözlemlerimizde, ölüm-kalımlara dikkat etmemiz lazım.

    ''Sad days in Northern Israel.
    In the past weeks Avian Flu (H5N1) has been spreading among the Common Cranes wintering in the Hula Valley. Over 5000(!) Cranes have been found dead or dying. The Agamon Hula Park and nature reserve have been closed and actions are being taken at a national level.
    A few infected Cranes have also been found in other parts of Israel,and efforts are being made to contain the issue. BirdLife Israel is supporting the effort by monitoring the spread of the disease to other birds and other parts of the country.
    Images courtesy of Agamon Hula KKL and Amir Balaban.''