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  1. avustralyalı heavy-progressive-extreme metal grubunun portal of i albümünün en iyi şarkısı. 10 dakikalık şölenin sözleri de şu şekilde:

    perfection, a world apart we are
    bright star and the eye
    i am

    riding the tides. crux... astral grace
    down silver locks to cosmic crossings
    how far have i come?

    as saturn devours, of mind-streams' oddity
    rift wrought souls rupture, rippling
    all shackles have now fallen, nebulae horses pulse on
    can i feel?

    locked within pandora's music box
    watching from the portal of i
    baying through woven soundscapes
    a black dog lays at my feet.

    cold, celestial brilliance
    the canvas unframed, elation
    circus of radiant motion, alive

    a handful of earth. the only reminder
    majesty, take my hand

    we weep to believe, where only dreams have witnessed beyond
    we weep to believe, where only dreams have.