1. 1980 tokyo doğumlu gravür sanatçısını-ressam. plakalar üzerine, bir iğne yardımıyla açtığı noktaların birleşmesinden, kendisinin deyimiyle "siyahın zengin tonlarında" gravürler yapıyor. kendisini the smiling old king ile tanıdım.

    şurada bir kitapçığı var: smiling golden race
    şurada kendisi hakkında 5 dakikalık bir tanıtım
    şurada ise milyonlarca yıl sonra, insan ırkının neye benzeyeceğini anlatmaya çalıştığı birkaç işi ve röportajı
    -ingilizce çevirisi şöyleymiş:
    I imagine the end of the universe.
    After tens of billions of years, trillions of years, or in our concepts the enormous number of years have elapsed, the dramatic birth and end of the stars has ended, the absolute zero world dominated by darkness and silence. The bond between the substances weakens and only the elementary particles continue to diffuse forever, and it will end in sparse extinction.
    Alternatively, compression of extinction with super concentrated mass due to reversal of the big bang, sharp contraction. In any case, the bogus work that our existence called our life was done on a tiny planet called Earth is disappearing to far beyond the distant time with traces and meanings disappearing.

    Plankton, Dinosaurs, Africa, Primates, Giguratt, Religion, Pyramid, War, Slaughter, Peace, Love, Parenting, Pet Dog, Smartphone.
    Everything that was beautiful or ugly will be cooled equally and will be annihilated. There is no hope or despair, a world of flat emptiness.
    But I imagine further. In the dusk of the world that smiled in the twilighting world that was decided to keep on continuing.

    "Golden race".

    They refuse to die, including the possibilities of all lives and attending the end of the universe. In order to reconstruct the new world beyond the universe's reason, by the doctrine of life. And while thinking about our humble and loveable business, they continue to smile forever.
    2004 National University Printmaking Exhibition
    2007 Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs [Best Art of the Year selection]Prints Tokyo 2007 [Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts Award]
    2008 The 7th Kochi International Triennale Exhibition of Print [Takao Hiwazaki Award]
    2011 What is Drawing The 1st Show of Competition Winners [Grand Prize Winner]
    2012 5HT YAMAMOTO KANAE Print Grand Prex Competition [Excellence Award]

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