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  1. buena vista social club (1997) albümünde yer alan, 1901 çıkışlı antonio machin şarkısının güzel yorumu.

    ingilizce'ye çevrilmiş sözleri :

    two gardenias for you
    with them i mean to say
    "i love you, i adore you, my love"
    give them all of your attention
    because they represent your heart and mine

    two gardenias for you
    they will have the warmth of a kiss
    of one of those kisses i gave you
    and that you'll never find
    in the warmth of another lover

    the flowers will live and will talk to you
    just as when you are with me
    and you will believe
    that they will actually say "i love you" to you

    but if one afternoon
    the gardenias of my love die
    it's because they have guessed
    that your love for me has withered
    because there's another lover.