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  1. rishloo'nun 2009 çıkışlı "feathergun" isimli albümünde river of glass'dan sonra en çok beğenimi kazanan şarkılarıdır.


    rubber like your lover's neck you tripped into the garden, you tripped into the garden of the sun
    on you tried, unbuttoned eyes, imprelious telusion, tripping past your guard into the sun
    these dreamers, so eager, throw their hands in the fight
    i spy walrus tooth in the way outside of the shoegaze revolution

    i'm seein' bright lights, silhouettes of knife fights and i see it all, i see it all
    i'm seein' bright lights in-between the knife fights and i see it all, i see it all
    i see it all through the wolves in the walls
    who might you be, who should you be
    killing with featherguns when they don't understand you're fighting for ground control

    stealing glances colorblind encouraging confusion, crossing all the boundaries undrawn...
    ...i'm hearin' white lies coursing through the disguises, i hear it all, i hear it all
    i'm hearin' lost cries chorusing the night sky and i hear it all, i hear it all...

    ...hands bound behind withered backs, blindfolds laid on hollow eyes too hopeless to hear
    change ammunition, don't give a war of attrition tacit permission to minimize genocide...