gangster chronicle - tricky - youreads

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  1. some think they're safe
    like their cash at the banks
    but banks get robbed
    so i skank the fake gang
    fucking gangstar
    cause they're fucking around
    like a bounty check

    and you can tell i'm a fucking nigga lover
    same color as my ... bigger brother
    and father and i'm rather glad
    he ain't a fucking old cunt
    who's a national front jerk
    outta work cos he's a big bastard
    blamin' a spade
    everytime he gets plastered
    that's why i never be the county bounty
    or a power cat/gang
    ... is just like arafat
    with a molotov cocktail
    you wanna try our way
    and run things like the i.r.a.
    fucking up every cunt that you're ...
    ... pig dog
    i'd rather be called nig nog
    comes far with the bad...
    and he learns ...
    ... words
    to erase this bastard
    cos when you're black
    it's all about being a ruffneck monster