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  1. orphaned land'in 2013 çıkışlı all is one isimli albümündeki ikinci şarkısı.

    !---- spoiler ----!

    i was born to pave the way
    to let the masses hear, listen to my say
    they'll follow through the darkest nights
    as to a shepherd with second sight

    but i'm a simple man
    i follow god's own plan
    only a few coins in my hands
    i live alone
    the only life i've known
    i do not need nor want this throne, on no...

    upon this stage these words i sing
    peace to all men is the dream i wish to bring, yeah...
    so do as i do not as i say
    out of this ocean land i cannot lead the way

    for i'm a simple man
    i follow god's own plan
    i dance while raising high both hands
    i'll preach tonight
    these few words of light
    but i swear i'm not jesus christ

    !---- spoiler ----!