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  1. the way you stand there in your three striped shell toes
    the way your hair dance it's clear you want all eyes on you
    it's all eyes on you
    and though i know that i won't get no answers i
    i just can't stop from indulging my lean / fool eyes on you

    as you dance on the burning coals
    i feel the bullet holes
    tell myself i got nothing to lose
    though your touch gives me vertigo
    i'm like a domino
    darling i keep falling back to you

    but if it's over
    why do you stop me getting sober from your love
    you pull me closer
    you say you miss the way i hold ya
    i feel your breathing on my shoulder
    why do you stop me getting sober

    you leave your sweet bitter taste under my tongue and
    you leave you smoke to seep deep into my lungs i know
    how you're taking hold
    my love is wasted
    somehow you laced it
    and i'm on my knees
    there's no remedy